Dragonkeepers are people who take care of dragon eggs and then the dragons when they hatch. Each dragon has a special talent, and the Dragonkeeper is to help them develop and use it. They are capable of finding, or rather incapable of not finding, dragon eggs. When they come near a dragon egg, they are irresistably drawn towards it. When they find it, they eventually quicken the egg by bringing into contact with, or near their skin. The egg hatches several weeks after it is quickened. The baby dragon will already have a name, which the Dragonkeeper can figure out as soon as it hatches.

Dragonkeepers are also able to comunicate with dragons through mindspeaking. Although riding dragons are able to communicate with one person whom they form a bond with, only dragonkeepers can communicate freely with them. Minor dragons can mindspeak only with the person who quickens their egg, or a dragonkeeper.

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