DragonFire is the fourth book in the Dragonkeeper Chronicles. It takes place three years after the end of DragonKnight.

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Crim Cropper (first appearance)


Why are fire dragons burning down villages in Amara? When Kale and Bardon leave their bogs after three years to search for meech dragons, Regidor and his dying wife, Gilda, they find that Amara has changed. The evil sorcerers, Crim Cropper and his wife, Burner Stox, and Pretender are at war in a three-way battle for Amara. Strange creatures mutated by Crim Cropper are invading the land. When Kale, Bardon, Regidor, Gilda, and Granny Noon reach Paladin's Palace, they find him dying because the people no longer care about serving Wulder. After conferences with the sorcerers and the knights, Paladin sends Kale and her father, Sir Kemry, both dragonkeepers, out with Kale's minor dragons to look for more dragons and their eggs.

Kale has many doubts about going with her father, who had disappeared when she was young. Together they find a cowardly Ropma who tries to steal Kale's minor dragons. Inadvertently he leads them to a valley filled with bisonbecks guarding dragons. But can they rescue the dragons and the ropma babies from Burner Stox and her bisonbecks? If they succeed, will the dragons join them to save Amara? Kale's husband, Sir Bardon, goes on a quest with Kale's wizard mother, Sir Dar, Regidor, and Gilda to stop the evils invading the land. When a serious illness strikes Bardon, he becomes helpless and is captured by the embittered mad wizard, Crim Cropper, who looses all of his mutations on Amara.