Ropmas are one of the Seven Low Races that were created by Pretender. Ropma play a minor role in DragonQuest and a more important one in DragonFire.


These half-men, half animals are useful in herding and caring for beasts. Ropma can speak and think, but only very simply. Many of them live in small family groups. They live in small stick homes, simular to a teepee. Their parents name children after things in their natural surroundings - grass, cloud, rock, rain, bird, bug, dirt.

Towns: Edit

They live above ground. One village in DragonFire was situated in a green valley hidden behind a mountain. Their buildings look like upside down bird nests. Ropma do not build sturdy dwellings. When their homes begin to deteriorate, they abandon them and move to the other end of the village, which is set up in a rather linear pattern. They leave behind the old hut, which returns to nature.

The men and women will then build a new hut for the displaced family in exactly the same manner. This is carried out with a celebratory attitude. The home is new, the area clean, and the neighs have changed so the group remains fluid in the relationships between families.

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