The seven high races are the seven races created by Wulder.

O'rant The race that best represents humans. They have rounded ears and are generally five to six feet tall.

Doneel Doneels are a furry people with bulging eyes, thin black lips, and shaggy fur. They have ears that twitch, and the position of their ears often indicates their mood.

Tumanhofer Shorter, more rotund race. They have an interest in "digging" through different things for knowlege, such as books or agriculture. They have quite complex gates used in their towns.

Emerlindian Tall and skinny, or short and skinny. They have pointed ears and darken as they grow in wisdom.

Urohm Well proportioned, but they are giants. Were once normal sized, but Wulder blessed them to enable them to defeat an enemy.

Kimen Small, fragile people, about two feet tall. They wear light and can either run fast or fly; no one's quite sure which. They are somewhat like fairies, but with deeper spiritual meaning.

Marione A race known for its overall ability to fight. Most are shorter but more muscular. Kale was raised in a village of Mariones.